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About Steven Sy

Steven began studying the healing and spiritual methods of the MANTAK CHIA® system in 2007. Since that time, Steven has taken over 1500 live hours of training.

Steven is now a Senior Instructor with approval to teach Qigong Meditation Basics, Tao Yin, Iron Shirt Qigong 1-2, Stem Cell Qigong, Tan Tien Qigong, Fusion of the Five Elements 1, Tai Chi Qigong 1-3Healing Love, Cosmic Vision, and Primordial Qigong

Steven is also an Inner Alchemy Qigong Instructor Levels 1 and 2 with approval to teach Wisdom QigongCraniosacral QigongStem Cell QigongFive Element QigongTao Yin QigongTan Tien QigongCosmic Healing Qigong, and Elixir Qigong.  Please click here for his Training Resume

Steven is the only person in the United States that is certified to teach Tai Chi beyond Tai Chi Qigong 2.

About Nicole Yu

In 2013, Nicole began studying Chinese medicine at Emperor's College. This led her to the healing ways in the MANTAK CHIA® system in 2014. From there on, she studied both.

Later, in December 2016, she graduated from Emperor's College with high honors--Summa Cum Laude--earning a Master's Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She is currently certified as Diplomate of Oriental Medicine with NCCAOM® having passed all four national acupuncture board exams required for certification.

Nicole is now a Certified Instructor with approval to teach Qigong Meditation BasicsIron Shirt Qigong 1Tai Chi Qigong 1-2, Healing Love, Cosmic Vision, and Primordial Qigong. Please click here for her Training Resume.


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