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Recommended Sequence--Qigong and Spiritual Meditation

MAIN CERTIFICATION LINE (Qigong + Spiritual Meditation)
 Nine Formulas of Spiritual Immortality
LEVEL ONE  (Basics)
ST101:  Qigong Meditation Basics 1
ST102:  Qigong Meditation Basics 2
ST103:  Qigong Meditation Basics 3
ST104:  Qigong Meditation Basics 4 + Wisdom Qigong + Iron Shirt Qigong 1
ST105:  Qigong Meditation Basics 5 + Craniosacral Qigong + Intro Healing Love 
LEVEL TWO  (Healing Love)
ST201:  Healing Love 1
ST202:  Healing Love 2 + Stem Cell Qigong
ST203:  Healing Love 3 + Five Element Qigong
ST204:  Healing Love 4
ST205:  Healing Love 5
ST206:  Healing Love 6
ST207:  Healing Love 7
ST310:  Intro Fusion 1 + Cosmic Vision + Tantien Qigong
ST311:  Fusion of the Five Elements 1 + Passing Energy Protocol
Those training to be Certified Instructors only need go up through ST311. 
ST320:  Intro Fusion 2 + Cosmic Healing Qigong 1 
ST321:  Advanced Fusion 2
ST330:  Intro Fusion 3 + Cosmic Healing Qigong 2
ST331:  Intermediate Fusion 3 + Cosmic Healing Qigong 3-4
ST332:  Advanced Fusion 3  
LEVEL FOUR  (Lesser Kan and Li)
LEVEL FIVE  (Greater Kan and Li)
LEVEL SIX  (Greatest Kan and Li)
LEVEL SEVEN  (Sealing of the Five Senses)
LEVEL EIGHT  (Congress of Heaven and Earth)
LEVEL NINE  (Reunion of Heaven and Man)

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