ST105: Qigong Meditation Basics 5 + Craniosacral Qigong + Intro Healing Love ONLINE

  • Sat-Sun Oct 19-20 + Sat-Sun Oct 26-27

Taught by Steven Sy, ONLINE using Zoom Platform

4 days:  Sat-Sun Oct 19-20, 2024 and Sat-Sun Oct 26-27, 2024
Each day runs from 9:30am - 12:00pm and 1:30pm - 5:30pm [extended hours]  (EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME -- [UTC-4 ] )

PREREQUISITE: ST104: Qigong Meditation Basics 4 + Wisdom Qigong + Iron Shirt Qigong 1

NOTE:  This course is NOT open to those who have not already had the Basics 1-4 sequence and Iron Shirt 1.
Students will only be allowed to enroll if they have completed the ST101, ST102, ST103, and ST104 sequence


Our goal is renew and refresh the material from Qigong Meditation Basics 4 + Iron Shirt Qigong 1 + Wisdom Qigong.  From there, we learn Part 2 to the Qi Self-Massage set, we extend the Wisdom Qigong to the galactic level, we learn most of Craniosacral Qigong, and we learn introductory methods from Healing Love that relate to the health of the pelvic floor.   All of these strengthen our physical body, our healing capacity, and open us up to a higher level of conscious awareness.

The theme of this class is:   Solidify Adv. Basics + Craniosacral and Pelvic Floor Health 

After reviewing the methods in Qigong Meditation Basics 4 + Iron Shirt Qigong 1 + Wisdom Qigong  for the extended orbit, for qi self-massage, for Iron Shirt Qigong 1, and for Wisdom Qigong, we learn ways to rejuvenate the organs with Qi Self-Massage (Part 2).  We explore advanced brain rejuvenation techniques through advanced Wisdom Qigong practices.  We learn ways to activate the sacral and cranial pumps, to cleanse the blood, and to improve mobility in the neck and sacrum.  Lastly, we explore Introductory Healing Love techniques, specifically those that are devoted to the physical health of the pelvic floor, independent of any sexual energy considerations.   These latter practices lay the groundwork for sexual energy work in the next course Healing Love 1.



We will learn a new fundamental meditation for emotional and spiritual well-being:

  • Reverse Qi Ball Large Microcosmic Orbit:  alternate qi ball large microcosmic orbit to sedate the body

In addition to the above, we will learn some supportive qigong:

  • Wisdom Qigong: review, plus advanced galactic methods
  • Qi Self-Massage (Part 2)
  • Craniosacral Qigong  (see below)
  • Intro Healing Love  (see below)

Along with the material in this section, we will review some of the meditations and qigong from Qigong Meditation Basics 4 + Iron Shirt Qigong 1 + Wisdom Qigong.



Craniosacral Qigong is a set of physical qigong practices to:

  • Activate the Sacral and Cranial Pumps
  • Cleanse the Blood
  • Improve Mobility in the Neck and Sacrum



This Intro Healing Love course--and all the courses in the Healing Love tier--will contain a mixture of qigong, qigong meditation, and educational training.

All Healing Love course material will now be taught over seven courses plus this intro:  this intro course, as well as seven courses that deal with sexual energy

Because some may have questions about what these Healing Love courses entail, let me be clear on the following important points:

  • The focus is on qigong and educational information for the improvement of physical health.
  • Some educational information in the course, by its nature, will need to include anatomical drawings or tasteful photos, relating to sexual health.
  • Students will learn all material safely with their clothes on.   No disrobing of participants or sexual activity will take place in the classroom.
  • One does NOT need any kind of "sexual partner" to benefit from this course.  The primary focus is on your own personal healing. 
  • Any discussion of topics relating to sexual health will be dealt with in a mature fashion, both in presentation and questions/answers.
  • Students can be assured that they can ask any question relating to sexual energy or human sexuality without judgment, and given serious reply.
  • Course is suitable for people of all genders and all sexual orientations.

Course Goals for Intro Healing Love:

  • Improve one's health involving the pelvic floor

 More topics in Healing Love, relating to sexual energy, will be discussed in the next course (Healing Love 1)



Review of Basics 4 + IS1 + Wisdom Q new material
Qi Self-Massage:  ways to rejuvenate the sense organs through self-touch
Qi Self-Massage (Part 2): Guided PRACTICE
Discussion about Belly Tool
Wisdom Qigong:  review #1-5 methods from previous class
Wisdom Qigong:  Gain Galactic Wisdom
Introduction to Craniosacral Qigong
Background and Theory of Craniosacral Qigong
Craniosacral Qigong:  Activate cranial and sacral pumps
Craniosacral Qigong:  Activate the Three Little Hearts
Craniosacral Qigong:  Cleansing the blood
Craniosacral Qigong:  Qigong for the neck
Craniosacral Qigong:  Spine and Sacral qigong
Craniosacral Qigong:  Many methods
Craniosacral Qigong:  Guided PRACTICE of several exercises, exercises #1-15
Reverse Qi Ball Large Microcosmic Orbit:  what is its function?
Reverse Qi Ball Large Microcosmic Orbit:  Guided PRACTICE
Vitality vs. peace
Elementary Yin-Yang Theory
Why doesn't male/female fit well into yin-yang theory?
Evolution of Yin-Yang and Symbolism
What is the Taiji symbol?
What are some common Taiji symbols we use and what they represent?
Intro to Healing Love
Strengthening the Pelvic Floor
Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor
Five Zones of the Pelvic Region:  what are they exactly?
Five Zones of the Pelvic Region:  Lifting the Five Zones
Anatomy of the Human Genitalia:  common misunderstandings
Anatomy of the Human Genitalia:  Male Anatomy, external
Anatomy of the Human Genitalia:  Male Anatomy, internal
Anatomy of the Human Genitalia:  Female Anatomy, external
Anatomy of the Human Genitalia:  Female Anatomy, internal
Urinary Health:  How to avoid infection
Urinary Health:  Incontinence issues
Urinary Health:  Excessive urination frequency
Urinary Health:  Inability to get a good stream
Urination Techniques:  to get a good stream [women]
Urination Techniques:  to get a good stream [men]
Prostate Massage [men]:  Background
Prostate Massage [men]:  Methods
General advice to support a healthy prostate [men]
What are the next steps after the Basics 5 + Cranio + Intro HL material? 


In total, I look forward to sharing "Qigong Meditation Basics 5 + Craniosacral Qigong + Intro Healing Love" with you.

If anyone has any questions in advance of the class,
Steven may be contacted at his email address:    steven [at] spiritualtao [dot] com.




At the end of this course, students will receive an attendance certificate which will identify hours completed in the MANTAK CHIA® system, which may be used toward the certification requirements in his system.

Do you want to be an Associate Instructor or an Instructor?  If so, click on Certificate Program for more information.
This course is a main core course in the curriculum.


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