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Spiritual Tao News -- Sept 2022 - Fall Equinox and Tai Chi

Spiritual Tao News -- Sept 2022 - Fall Equinox and Tai Chi


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Dear friends of Qigong and Tai Chi,


It is a joy of mine to not only see people learning qigong (as in the current IAQ1 program going on), but to hear of the wonderful changes that are happening as they do the practices.

As we look forward, we are passing into fall, with Fall Equinox happening this week. 

This newsletter contains some brief info about energetic aspects of the Fall Equinox and some details on upcoming Tai Chi.

For those interested in Tai Chi, read on. 

It's been a while since I've taught the Tai Chi courses, and as I rotate through offerings, Tai Chi is coming around again.                        

More details and schedule below . . .


Fall Equinox is the midpoint of maximum daily daylight and maximum daily darkness, a balance point between two extremes. 

In the center-point between these two extremes is a balance point when there is open space to make a change. 

Fall Equinox 2022 is Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 9:03pm Eastern Daylight Time. 

Most optimal time to cast forward your dreams while doing qigong would be SUNSET before this time. 

For most people, this is Thursday, September 22, 2022 at sunset. 

However, if you live in Pacific Time Zone (or further west), you will want to do your qigong ceremony on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at sunset.

While there are certainly ceremonial qigong forms that could be done to amplify your intention, really any qigong will do, if you set aside the time and space to focus on what you want to manifest right now.

Fall Equinox is about LETTING GO. 

It is about asking yourself what are you holding on to, that is holding you back.  Are you holding onto grief, holding on to some old pattern, living in the past? 

Whatever it is, that is acting like an anchor to your life, NOW is a time when you are even more supported that usual, to letting it go.

Cast forward that intention as you do your favorite qigong form to amplify your success in letting something go, and allowing it to go into your past, rather than stay in your present.

INTRO TAI CHI QIGONG 1 Program ONLINE -- Starts Monday November 28!

INTRO TAI CHI QIGONG 1 program ONLINE:  MWF for 6 weeks, starting Nov 28  (OPEN enrollment)

What is this program?

There is a separate Tai Chi line in Master Chia's system, separate from the main certification line.  This qigong is called the Tai Chi Qigong branch. 

I used to teach Tai Chi 1-2 every summer for many years prior to the pandemic, and then put it on hold as we switched to online coursework, using it as a time to more fully develop the main qigong line and inner alchemy qigong coursework.

Tai Chi is a favorite of mine. 

I started learning Tai Chi a full 10 years before I began learning qigong.

So, when I learned Tai Chi in Master Chia's system, I chose to go further in the Tai Chi line than most.  

I've learned Tai Chi 1, 2, and  3!

AND I also have learned some higher-level ones (not yet on the books) that I hope to share one day, along with some other Tai Chi forms that I learned independently that I love doing. 

But I digress . . .

In any case, this six-week program in Intro Tai Chi 1 gives you the foundation in Tai Chi, as well as enables you to learn the fundamental Tai Chi 1 form. 

There are many other instructors that teach the Tai Chi 1 form also, but my focus is on giving a well-rounded instruction on how to do Tai Chi in a rooted way, so you move with a strong connection to the ground.  

If you move in a grounded and rooted way, it 
amplifies the healing potential from the earth energy, it stabilizes your emotions and nervous system.

Also, quite honestly for those who are interested in martial arts, rooted Tai Chi creates a stable structure in movement.

While my focus is on the healing aspect of doing the form, I will also demo the self-defense applications that are hidden in the form, for those that have that interest.

The teaching will also be tied into the Tai Chi classics, which is a collection of old texts that explain how to do Tai Chi "in a better way".

The main goal of this class is to be able to learn the Tai Chi 1 form, at least at a beginner level, and have a solid practice that will serve you going forward.  

You don't need to have any Tai Chi background to join this program.

Depending on enrollment in this program, follow-up courses in REFINE Tai Chi 1 (refinement of the form, intermediate & higher-level skills) and Tai Chi 2-3 are being planned.

Each week will continue ongoing work with the Tai Chi 1 form, as well as weekly recording access to help guide you in your practice outside of the class. 

You will have access to these recordings (until Feb 28, 2023) to enable you to continue practicing outside of class. 

For those that know me from teaching Tai Chi 1 LIVE, you'll know that I don't usually do this . . . If you take the Live class, you typically get "what you get", and there is no recording.

IF you have any interest in Tai Chi, now is the time. 

For those students that have been with me for a while, you will know that it takes a while before I rotate back to certain offerings, because of the diversity of topics with Spiritual Tao Workshops. 

For example, I have not offered a class in Tai Chi since August 2019.

So if you are interested in Tai Chi, I would consider taking this now, and not "take it next time".


Intro Tai Chi Qigong 1 program is $195/person. 

For all other workshops, tuition is also only $195/person for the two-weekend courses (reviewers $125, contact me).  Restricted classes require prerequisites and enroll through email to me.

Online courses done through Zoom webinar link

ST105:  Qigong Meditation Basics 5 + Craniosacral Qigong + Intro Healing Love ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Oct 1-2 + Sat-Sun Oct 8-9  (restricted enrollment)

ST205:   Healing Love 5 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Oct 22-23 + Sat-Sun Oct 29-30  (restricted enrollment)

ST206:   Healing Love 6 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Nov 12-13 + Sat-Sun Nov 19-20  (restricted enrollment)

INTRO TAI CHI QIGONG 1 ONLINE:  MWF for 6 weeks, program starts Nov 28  (OPEN enrollment)

ST201:   Healing Love 1 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Dec 10-11 + Sat-Sun Dec 17-18  (restricted enrollment)

NOTE:  For those curious, I won't restart the Basics line until end of March 2023.   Except for the INTRO TAI CHI QIGONG 1 program, all courses in the fall are not for beginners.                       
These ONLINE courses are a wonderful way to dive deeply into qigong, from the comfort of your own home while many either can not or do not wish to travel.  For those who could not attend live classes in the past, now is your chance! 

I warmly invite you to join me in these ONLINE workshops where we get to explore some life-changing methods that restore vibrancy and joy to a person's life.  The qigong and meditative methods create a warm happy feeling in the body and spirit.

If anybody has any questions, feel free to contact me directly at my email below.
I'd love to hear from you.

Warm wishes and smiling qi,
Steven Sy