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Spiritual Tao News -- August 2022 - IAQ1 program starts soon

Spiritual Tao News -- August 2022 - IAQ1 program starts soon


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Dear friends of Qigong and Tai Chi,


Next week (Mon Aug 8) starts the Inner Alchemy Qigong 1 CERTIFICATION program.  It's open enrollment, with no prerequisites.   

You can take it for certification, or even if you are not interested in certification and just want to learn some fun practices to feel good in your body.

That's the first step to waking up every day and saying with joy in your heart, "I am happy to be alive!"

By the way, due to diversity of topics at Spiritual Tao Workshops, many which are advanced and require prerequisites, it may be a while before I offer this again.  Probably not in 2023.

Next year, I'm considering programs in Level 2 qigong and other more advanced work.

So if you have any interest in this coursework, I encourage you to sign up now.  Details below!

INNER ALCHEMY QIGONG 1 Certification Program ONLINE -- Starts this Monday August 8!

INNER ALCHEMY QIGONG 1 certification program ONLINE:  MWF for 9 weeks, starting Aug 8  (OPEN enrollment)

Note:  To accommodate multiple time zones as well as scheduling conflicts, I will teach each day's session TWICE.  You can simply pick--on any given day--which class you wish to attend.

For certification purposes, we need you to be able to attend LIVE ONLINE to most classes, but some absences are OK.  If you are not interested in certification, you can still enroll and you do not have to meet attendance requirements.

What is this program?

There is a separate qigong line in Master Chia's system, separate from the main certification line.  This qigong is called the Inner Alchemy Qigong branch.  

Not that many people are certified in this branch, and it is my goal to help expand those that are qualified to teach this branch.

Since this qigong branch is separate from Master Chia's main alchemy line, one can get certified with a relatively low commitment of time and effort to learn the material.

This nine-week program gives you all the required hours and training for certification in ALL FOUR of the level 1 qigongs.  Simply take this program, and you will be able to test for any one (or up to 4!) separate qigong certifications.  

These are internationally recognized qigong certifications and upon certification, you will be listed in Master Chia's database as certified in these (up to four) certifications.

What are these four certifications?

1.  Wisdom Qigong:  Learn to how Awaken the Healing Light and use this for brain rejuvenation.  We learn to open the heavenly eye and draw in the violet light.  Learn how to connect to the Feng Shui forces of the Earth, as well as the higher level energies of the planets and galaxies.

2.  Craniosacral Qigong:  A physical body qigong designed to activate the cranial and sacral pumps, to cleanse the blood, and to improve mobility in the neck and sacrum.  As an added bonus, it helps stimulate the flow of sexual energy in the body to revitalize the body, as well as support those who wish to do sexual energy cultivation work.  This is probably one of the most important qigongs to maintain a healthy vibrant body.

3.  Stem Cell Qigong:  A qigong designed to continue the blood cleaning work of Craniosacral Qigong, to clean the kidneys, to detoxify the organs of sick qi, as well as ways to activate stem cells in the body.  The activation of stem cells will help assist in the repair of sick areas in the body.  This Stem Cell Qigong component also includes some elementary work in the bone marrow to assist in the formation of healthy stem cells.

4.  Five Element Qigong:  A qigong counterpart to the Stem Cell Qigong that is designed to help tonify the vital organs.  It uses activation of the tendon system, flowing qigong movements, organ vibration with color, and internal meditation.  It is a healthy body qigong that is fun and feels good!

More details

There are no prerequisites for this program.
The program is totally self-contained.

Upon successful completion of this program, you have the opportunity to test for a single certification or even all four certifications.

There is no obligation to test at the end.  One can just take the program to learn the material and/or delay testing to another day.

Each week will feature a different qigong practice set.  You will receive a handout of these practice sets, as well as a recording of the practice set (until Nov 30) to enable you to continue practicing outside of class.


Inner Alchemy Qigong 1 certification program is $595/person.  Testing fees are separate at test time.  Anyone is eligible to test if they meet attendance conditions, but anyone can also enroll for the coursework without any testing.

For other workshops, tuition is only $195/person for the two-weekend courses (reviewers $125, contact me).  Restricted classes require prerequisites and enroll through email to me.

Online courses done through Zoom webinar link

INNER ALCHEMY QIGONG 1 certification program ONLINE:  MWF for 9 weeks, starting Aug 8  (OPEN enrollment)

ST204:   Healing Love 4 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Aug 13-14 + Sat-Sun Aug 20-21  (restricted enrollment)

ST104:  Qigong Meditation Basics 4 + Wisdom Qigong + Iron Shirt Qigong 1 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Aug 27-28 + Sat-Sun Sep 3-4  (OPEN enrollment)

ST205:  Healing Love 5 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Sep 17-18 + Sat-Sun Sep 24-25  (restricted enrollment)

These ONLINE courses are a wonderful way to dive deeply into qigong, from the comfort of your own home while many either can not or do not wish to travel.  For those who could not attend live classes in the past, now is your chance! 

I warmly invite you to join me in these ONLINE workshops where we get to explore some life-changing methods that restore vibrancy and joy to a person's life.  The qigong and meditative methods create a warm happy feeling in the body and spirit.

If anybody has any questions, feel free to contact me directly at my email below.
I'd love to hear from you.

Warm wishes and smiling qi,
Steven Sy