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Spiritual Tao News -- June 2023 - Summer Solstice, Qigong, Tai Chi

Spiritual Tao News -- June 2023 - Summer Solstice, Qigong, Tai Chi


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Dear friends of Qigong and Tai Chi,



I am offering both Qigong and Tai Chi options in the near future in July.


Tai Chi 2 is an energizing cardiovascular form, which I am offering in the same Tai Chi class with a fun meditative Tai Chi Staff form.

Qigong Meditation Basics 3 is about awakening the healing light.


In short:

1.  Intro Tai Chi Staff + Tai Chi 2 ONLINE -- Starts July 10, MWF schedule (See below for more details)

2.  Qigong Meditation Basics 3 ONLINE -- Starts July 15-16 weekend  (See below for more details)


I would love to see you join!





Just like the moon affects the tides on the planet, the energetic shifts affected by the sun have an impact on our life. 

In the moments when things energetically shift, there is an energetic pause when your personal will can exert greater influence than normal on your life.

This is similar to pushing on a swing at just the right time, to make the swing more easily move as you want it to.


Summer Solstice is the point of maximum yang (in the Northern Hemisphere).  It is a gear-shift point between increasing daylight and increasing darkness when you can most easily grab energetic possibilities and flow into new directions.

Picture of the Sun, by SOHO

2010 Picture of the Sun, by SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory)


Summer Solstice 2023 is June 21, 2023 at 10:57am Eastern Daylight Time.  If you live in the USA, the most optimal time to cast forward your dreams while doing qigong would be today at 12:00pm on June 20, 2023, the day before. 

For those living in Europe, 10:57am Eastern Daylight Time is 4:57pm CET, so in this case, the optimal time to do a qigong practice for the Summer Solstice would be 12:00pm tomorrow on June 21, 2023. 


I realize it would have been better to send this out a few days ago, but there were some unexpected delays (my mom had an unexpected hospital stay). 


But even if you see this email later on (and hence after the optimal time to do a solstice practice), doing any practice with devotion during the next three days with still carry a big impact.


Summer Solstice is the point of maximal yang before the shift happens to increasing darkness.  

While there are certainly ceremonial qigong forms that could be done to amplify your intention, really any qigong will do, if you set aside the time and space to focus on what you want to manifest right now.


Summer Solstice is not about planning for the future.  It is about asking for what you want --for yourself--right now, without any lag time.

Cast forward that intention as you do your favorite qigong form to amplify your manifestation potential.


INTRO TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI 2 ONLINE -- Starts Soon:  July 10 on MWF schedule!


In this upcoming program, I will be introducing two Tai Chi forms:  Tai Chi Staff and Tai Chi 2 (Discharge Form).


Picture of Tai Chi Staff form

Tai Chi Staff form


Tai Chi Staff is a slower-moving Tai Chi form that utilizes a 5-foot long staff.

It is a fun and meditative Tai Chi form whose diversity, yet simplicity of movements, allows a person to enjoy a short but rewarding practice. 

For those interested in the staff, it is a fun form in its own right, while at the same time providing an entry point to being able to learn more difficult forms utilizing a staff.


This MWF Tai Chi class will--in each class--teach both the Tai Chi Staff and the Tai Chi 2 (Discharge Form)


Picture of Tai Chi 2 form

Tai Chi 2 (Discharge Form)


The Tai Chi Qigong 2 form [Discharge Form] is a fast-paced short Tai Chi form. 

Unlike many Tai Chi forms which are done at a slow pace, this form is done at a little bit more of a brisk speed. 

Tai Chi 2 has the unique ability to activate the cardiovascular system for health benefits, while also providing martial artists the ability to see Tai Chi actions done quickly. 


Our Program will teach both of these forms in each class period. 


This provides the opportunity to work on both meditative aspects of Tai Chi via the Tai Chi Staff, along with more cardiovascular elements of Tai Chi via Tai Chi 2, in the same hour.


This program has OPEN enrollment. 


One need not be an expert in Tai Chi 1 to enroll in this class, but one should have had some Tai Chi 1 previously or some Tai Chi in general previously, so that Tai Chi is not a totally new concept for you.


If you are a total beginner to Tai Chi, though, it would probably be better to wait until the next time I offer the Intro Tai Chi 1 class, because I go over Tai Chi Basics in that class (basic concepts, stances, bow walking, other elementary principles, in addition to learning the Tai Chi 1 form).  In the upcoming program, I will assume those things and just start teaching the forms.

This six-week MWF online class in Intro Tai Chi Staff + Tai Chi 2 is only $195 total.  It runs 12:00pm-12:55pm Eastern Daylight Time (9:00am-9:55am Pacific, 6:00pm-6:55pm Central European Time).


QIGONG MEDITATION BASICS 3 ONLINE -- Starts Soon:  Sat-Sun July 15-16, 2023!

Picture of Awaken Healing Light

Brain rejuvenation and spiritual awakening by "Awakening the Healing Light"

Coming up July 15-16 + July 22-23 is our third level basics class Qigong Meditation Basics 3. 

It does require some background, but it is open enrollment to all, even if you did not have the previous two courses with me.

If you had some basics elsewhere, you are welcome to jump in.

This class starts the "Advanced Basics Material", where we begin to Awaken the Healing Light.

Even for people who think they know the basics, I guarantee you there is a lot to learn in this class.

The big theme for the class is "Awaken Healing Light + Three Fires and Six Directions Form"

Awakening the Healing Light is about learning how to awaken your spiritual consciousness to the healing light and to be able to start working with it.

The Three Fires and Six Directions Form is a long qigong form, a required part of Certified Instructor training, that is not often taught in full by other instructors.

The form activates the three fires, draws in energy from the universe, incorporates the awaken the healing light, and some immune qigong.


Qigong Meditation Basics 3, reviews the practices of Qigong Meditation Basics 2 and goes beyond that second course to focus on qi power methods, awakening the healing light, and getting more deeply grounded through new techniques.


Topics include:

1.  Review of QMB2 breathing techniques:  qi ball methods and other methods to ignite internal energy e.g. "Holding the One (Activation of Three Fires)".

2.  Review of QMB2 qigong methods:  Deep Earth Pulsing, Phoenix, Iron Bridge, Tao Yin sets #1 and #2, and the Activate the Three Fires Form (part 1 to the Three Fires and Six Directions Form).

3.  Awaken the Healing Light:  lots of different methods to activate the crystal palace to draw in the primordial light

4.  Advanced Qi Ball Methods:  Counterforce Breathing and Qi Ball Microcosmic Orbit

5.  Three Fires and Six Directions Form:  we review part 1 of this form from the Basics 2 course and do Six Directions, Activate Crystal Palace, and Immune Qigong.  By the end of the course, you will have learned this long form in its entirety.

6.  Introduction to Iron Shirt 1, focusing on "Embracing the Tree"

Picture of Embracing the Tree

Learn how "Embracing the Tree", which is a standing posture, got its name . . .

7.  Preparation for the Advanced Healing Light practices (Wisdom Qigong), done in the Basics 4 course.


This two-weekend online class in Qigong Meditation Basics 3 is only $195 for both weekends.  The weekends run 9:30am-4:30pm Eastern time (6:30am-1:30pm Pacific, 3:30pm-10:30pm Central European time), with a lunch break in the middle.


By the way, each student will receive an Attendance Certificate (upon completion of course), which can be used toward Associate Instructor certification, with either myself or another registered Senior Instructor when your hours are completed.

For those that wish to become Associate Instructors, the Basics sequence is part of the required training . . .

To assist in ongoing learning, I will provide three month access to recordings of qigong practice material, so that once the course is finished, you can continue practicing and reinforcing what you learned.



Tuition is only $195/person for the two-weekend courses (reviewers for two-weekend courses $125, contact me).  Restricted classes require prerequisites and enroll through email to me.

Online courses done through Zoom webinar link


INTRO TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI 2 program ONLINE:  MWF for 6 weeks, Starts Jul 10  (OPEN enrollment)


ST103:  Qigong Meditation Basics 3 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Jul 15-16 + Sat-Sun Jul 22-23  (OPEN enrollment)


ST205:   Healing Love 5 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Aug 5-6 + Sat-Sun Aug 12-13  (restricted enrollment)


ST104:  Qigong Meditation Basics 4 + Wisdom Qigong + Iron Shirt Qigong 1 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Aug 26-27 + Sat-Sun Sep 2-3  (OPEN enrollment)


These ONLINE courses are a wonderful way to dive deeply into qigong, from the comfort of your own home while many either can not or do not wish to travel.  For those who could not attend live classes in the past, now is your chance! 

I warmly invite you to join me in these ONLINE workshops where we get to explore some life-changing methods that restore vibrancy and joy to a person's life.  The qigong and meditative methods create a warm happy feeling in the body and spirit.

If anybody has any questions, feel free to contact me directly at my email below.
I'd love to hear from you.

Warm wishes and smiling qi,
Steven Sy