ST103: Qigong Meditation Basics 3 ONLINE

  • Sat-Sun Jul 15-16 + Sat-Sun Jul 22-23

Taught by Steven Sy, ONLINE using Zoom Platform

4 days:  Sat-Sun Jul 15-16 and Sat-Sun Jul 22-23
Each day runs from 9:30am - 12:30pm and 2:00pm - 4:30pm  (EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME -- [UTC-4] )

PREREQUISITE:  ST102: Qigong Meditation Basics 2
This course continues the course material from Qigong Meditation Basics 2.


Our goal is renew and refresh the material from Qigong Meditation Basics 2  and then to explore methods to awaken the healing light.   We explore a qigong form for healing and more physical body qigong for grounding.  All of these strengthen our physical body, our healing capacity, and open us up to a higher level of conscious awareness.

The theme of this class is:   Awaken the Healing Light + Three Fires and Six Directions Form

After reviewing the basic methods of Qigong Meditation Basics 2  for improving our energy levels through breathing techniques and activating the three fires, we look to awaken the healing light.  This healing light has the ability to heal the body, rejuvenate the brain, and also raise our consciousness to a higher level.  We use this healing light in a variety of ways.  We also learn a powerful healing form, the Three Fires and Six Directions Form.  We also learn new ways to strengthen the physical body and improve our grounding with an some elementary exercises from Iron Shirt Qigong 1.  The Awaken Healing Light material serves as the foundation for later material in Wisdom Qigong and the new grounding exercises serve as the foundation for later material in Iron Shirt Qigong 1, both of which are covered in Qigong Meditation Basics 4 + Wisdom Qigong + Iron Shirt Qigong 1


We will learn to Awaken the Healing Light and two new fundamental meditations for emotional and spiritual well-being:

  1. Awaken the Healing Light:  gain awareness and capture primordial light, for healing and spiritual awareness
  2. Counterforce Breathing Qi Ball:  generate programmable healing qi (yuan qi)
  3. Wudang Microcosmic Orbit:  break up blockages along the microcosmic orbit

In addition to the meditations, we will learn some supportive physical qigong:

  • Breathing Methods:  awaken the healing light, counterforce, along with a review of QMB2 breathing methods
  • Three Fires and Six Directions Form II--Part I review, plus Six Directions, Activate Crystal Palace, Immune Qigong
  • Introduction to Iron Shirt Qigong 1:   standing meditation postures to help assist a person get more grounded 

Along with the material in this section, we will review some of the meditations and qigong from Qigong Meditation Basics 2.



Review of Basics 2 new material
What are the Six Directions?
Learning the Six Directions practice
What is Iron Shirt Qigong 1?
What is Embracing the Tree?
What is rooting?
Embracing the Tree (lower structure):  Guided PRACTICE
How to root the lower structure
What is Awakening the Healing Light?
Awakening the Healing Light:  Embryonic Breathing Method
Awakening the Healing Light:  Unihorn
Awakening the Healing Light:  Triangle Method
What is the crystal palace, and what can we use it for?
Crystal Palace and Dantian Fire
Crystal Palace and Rainbow Prism
Crystal Palace and Feeding the Glands
Awakening the Healing Light:  Crown
Three Fires and Six Directions Form:  Part I review, plus Six Directions, Activate Crystal Palace, Immune Qigong
Three Fires and Six Directions Form:  Learning the Form
Three Fires and Six Directions Form:  Guided PRACTICE
Embracing the Tree (complete structure):  Guided PRACTICE
How to do use a partner to improve your Embracing the Tree, aka "Pushing"
Awakening the Healing Light:  Pole Star
Awakening the Healing Light:  Moon
What is Counterforce Breathing?
Counterforce Breathing Qi Ball:  what is its function?
Counterforce Breathing Qi Ball:  Guided PRACTICE
What is the Wudang Microcosmic Orbit and how it differs from Classical method
Wudang Microcosmic Orbit:  what is its function?
Wudang Microcosmic Orbit:  Guided PRACTICE
What the advantages and disadvantages of different orbit methods?
What are the next steps after the Basics 3 material?


In total, I look forward to sharing "Qigong Meditation Basics 3" with you. 

If anyone has any questions in advance of the class,
Steven may be contacted at his email address:    steven [at] spiritualtao [dot] com.


NEXT COURSE IN SEQUENCE IS  ST104: Qigong Meditation Basics 4 + Wisdom Qigong + Iron Shirt Qigong 1


At the end of this course, students will receive an attendance certificate which will identify hours completed in the MANTAK CHIA® system, which may be used toward the certification requirements in his system.

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This course is a main core course in the curriculum.


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