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Spiritual Tao News -- Apr 2023 - Vibrancy of Spring

Spiritual Tao News -- Apr 2023 - Vibrancy of Spring


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Dear friends of Qigong and Tai Chi,


I hope everyone is happy and smiling this spring.  With everything coming alive in the spring, I hope you also feel a vibrancy in life.


Flowers blooming; buds on trees bursting

There is a joy and vitality in living.

For me, I find that a qigong and meditation practice best supports that process.

I hope you are personally engaged in life in a way that provides you joy.

If you wish to supplement your practice tools . . .

I restarted the Basics sequence last month in March, and this continues with Basics 2 in May (see below).

I'm also currently doing the 2nd year courses in Healing Love (restricted to those that did the Basics sequence with me previously).

I'm also starting the last tier in a several course sequence of Tai Chi 1 that I started last November 2022.  The upcoming one starting Monday is an Intermediate/Advanced course, not open enrollment.

For those that want to jump in to the course stream . . .

1.  If you had a little bit of Basics material elsewhere, either with me or with someone else, you could start with Basics 2 in May.  It's OPEN enrollment.

2.  If you are somewhat familiar with the Tai Chi 1 form--not necessarily having to be to a high level--I will be offering a Tai Chi 2 + Tai Chi Staff course on MWF schedule, probably starting approx. July.

These are different forms from the Tai Chi 1 form, so you don't have to be strong in the Tai Chi 1 form, but they do require some background in Tai Chi. 

The details on this course are still being determined, and will be added to the website within a few weeks.

3. If you have no background of any kind, I may offer something before the end of year (Intro Tai Chi 1, some independent qigong form, etc.), but it will depend on interest and other needs. 

I'm leaning toward doing a Buddha Palm form (Cosmic Healing Qigong) course in fall sometime, which could be taken by people at any level.  I'm still deciding though.


In any case, the next OPEN enrollment course coming up is Basics 2 in May.

Details below . . .


QIGONG MEDITATION BASICS 2 ONLINE -- Starts Sat-Sun May 20-21, 2023!

three fires

Coming up May 20-21 + May 27-28 is our second level basics class Qigong Meditation Basics 2. 

All who have had Qigong Meditation Basics 1--either this round or on previous cycles--are warmly invited to enroll.

Others who may have had the first class material (Qigong Basics, Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit) elsewhere, are invited to learn the next steps in this course.

Qigong Meditation Basics 2, reviews the practices of Qigong Meditation Basics 1 and goes beyond the first course to focus on increasing one's internal qi power through new techniques.


Topics include:

1.  Many different breathing techniques to ignite internal energy, including Master Chia's internal meditative method for activating the three fires.

2.  Introductory qi ball methods to empower and concentrate qi . . . Ocean Breathing and other Meditation Techniques

3.  New qigong forms: 

a.  Deep Earth Pulsing
b.  Activate the Three Fires Form (Part 1 to the Three Fires and Six Directions Form)
c.  Phoenix
d.  Iron Bridge

4.  More Tao Yin:  Review of Tao Yin Set #1 and introduction to Tao Yin Set #2


The Three Fires and Six Directions Form is a very long qigong form that is now a required part of Certified Instructor training.  

It used to be part of the Cosmic Healing curriculum, but it has been added to the Basics in Basics 2-3 courses, with Master Chia requesting all instructors--old, new, and potential future instructors--learn this form as part of Basics training.  

In the Basics 2 course, we learn the first half:  Activate the Three Fires Form. 


By the way, each student will receive an Attendance Certificate (upon completion of course), which can be used toward Associate Instructor certification, with either myself or another registered Senior Instructor when your hours are completed.

For those that wish to become Associate Instructors, the Basics sequence is part of the required training . . .

To assist in ongoing learning, I will provide three month access to recordings of qigong practice material, so that once the course is finished, you can continue practicing and reinforcing what you learned.



Tuition is only $195/person for the two-weekend courses (reviewers for two-weekend courses $125, contact me).  Restricted classes require prerequisites and enroll through email to me.

Online courses done through Zoom webinar link


INTMD + ADV. TAI CHI 1 program ONLINE:  MWF for 6 weeks, Starts Apr 24  (restricted enrollment)


ST203:   Healing Love 3 + Five Element Qigong ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Apr 29-30 + Sat-Sun May 6-7  (restricted enrollment)

ST102:  Qigong Meditation Basics 2 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun May 21-22 + Sat-Sun May 28-29  (OPEN enrollment)


ST204:   Healing Love 4 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Jun 17-18 + Sat-Sun Jun 24-25  (restricted enrollment)


ST103:  Qigong Meditation Basics 3 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Jul 15-16 + Sat-Sun Jul 22-23  (OPEN enrollment)


ST205:   Healing Love 5 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Aug 5-6 + Sat-Sun Aug 12-13  (restricted enrollment)


ST104:  Qigong Meditation Basics 4 + Wisdom Qigong + Iron Shirt Qigong 1 ONLINE:  Sat-Sun Aug 26-27 + Sat-Sun Sep 2-3  (OPEN enrollment)


These ONLINE courses are a wonderful way to dive deeply into qigong, from the comfort of your own home while many either can not or do not wish to travel.  For those who could not attend live classes in the past, now is your chance! 

I warmly invite you to join me in these ONLINE workshops where we get to explore some life-changing methods that restore vibrancy and joy to a person's life.  The qigong and meditative methods create a warm happy feeling in the body and spirit.

If anybody has any questions, feel free to contact me directly at my email below.
I'd love to hear from you.

Warm wishes and smiling qi,
Steven Sy