TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI QIGONG 2 -- Part 2 -- program ONLINE

  • M / WF for 6 weeks, starting Aug 21

Taught by Steven Sy, ONLINE using Zoom Platform

M / WF for 8 weeks, starting Aug 21, 2023 
Each session runs from 12:00pm - 12:55pm approx.  (EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME -- [UTC-4 ] )
                                            9:00am - 9:55am approx. (PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME -- [UTC-7 ])
                                        6:00pm - 6:55pm approx. (EUROPEAN DAYLIGHT TIME -- [UTC+2 ])


Note:   This course is NOT open to those who were not enrolled in the INTRO TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI QIGONG 2 PROGRAM. 
Students will be only allowed to enroll if they had the INTRO TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI QIGONG 2 program and meet enrollment conditions. 



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The Goal of this Program is to be a continuation course to two separate forms:  Tai Chi Staff and Tai Chi Qigong 2.

Tai Chi Staff is a slower-moving Tai Chi form that utilizes a 5-foot long staff.  While Tai Chi Staff is a form that is similar in style, speed, and initial difficulty to that of Tai Chi 1, it has a diverse repertoire of movements by virtue of the addition of the staff.  This fun and engaging form provides an introductory Tai Chi practice using a staff, and provides an entry point for newcomers into more difficult staff weapon forms, as well as other weapon forms in general.

The Tai Chi Qigong 2 form [Discharge Form] is a fast-paced short Tai Chi form.  Unlike many Tai Chi forms which are done at a slow pace, this form is done at a brisk speed.  Tai Chi 2 has the unique ability to activate the cardiovascular system for health benefits, while also providing martial artists the ability to see Tai Chi actions done quickly.  In advanced practice, we train "Fa Jin", the discharge of energy for self-defense applications.

Our Program will continue the teaching of both of these forms in each class period.  This provides the opportunity to work on both meditative aspects of Tai Chi via the Tai Chi Staff, along with more cardiovascular elements of Tai Chi via Tai Chi 2, in the same hour.   For the Tai Chi Staff component, students will learn additional staff techniques as well as the second part of the form.   For the Tai Chi 2 component, students will finish learning the Tai Chi 2 form, and then work on form refinement of the Tai Chi 2 form learned in the prior program.  

For the Tai Chi Staff component of the class, students will need a 5-foot Tai Chi staff prior to first day of class.

I recommend a Double-Tapered 1.25in White Wax Wood Staff.
Here is one such source, for about $35 (when not on sale):


  • Week 1:  Aug 21, 23, 25:             TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI 2                    (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Week 2:  Aug 28, 30, Sep 1:        TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI 2                   (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Week 3:  Sep 6, 8:                       TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI 2                   (Wednesday and Friday)
  • Week 4:  Sep 13, 15:                   TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI 2                   (Wednesday and Friday)
  • Week 5:  Sep 20, 22:                   TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI 2                   (Wednesday and Friday)
  • Week 6:  Sep 27, 29:                   TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI 2                    (Wednesday and Friday)
  • Week 7:  Oct 4, 6:                       TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI 2                    (Wednesday and Friday)
  • Week 8:  Oct 11, 13:                   TAI CHI STAFF + TAI CHI 2                    (Wednesday and Friday)


While the class itself is not recorded, there will be some recordings of practice sets of both Tai Chi Staff and Tai Chi 2 from the intro course as well as a few additional recordings as appropriate, available for viewing up to November 30.  

Most of the class time will be spent actually doing the Tai Chi practice, with periodic breaks to highlight key points or occasionally relevant theory from the Tai Chi classics.


  • We will allow a short time after each session for questions and answers.
  • For those interested independently in certification in Tai Chi 2:  One should already be certified in Tai Chi 1, and upon taking this course, have the Tai Chi 2 form at a high level of skill.   When these conditions are met, a student can test at any time (paying testing and certificate fees, along with scheduling a test).  One should consult with me first about your current skill level in Tai Chi 2, prior to attempting a test.
  • Dependent on enrollment in this course, subsequent courses in Tai Chi, such as continued work with the material in this course (Tai Chi Staff and Tai Chi 2), or Tai Chi 3, may be offered.  Tai Chi 3 is an entirely separate Tai Chi form that one can learn later on in separate coursework.


In total, I look forward to having you join the "Tai Chi Staff + Tai Chi Qigong 2--Part 2--program ONLINE".

If anyone has any questions in advance of the class,
Steven may be contacted at his email address:    steven [at] spiritualtao [dot] com.  


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