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Tai Chi Qigong 1 + Qigong Meditation Basics 1

Taught by Steven Sy

No previous Tai Chi background or background in qigong meditation required.
This course is suitable for both complete beginners, as well as those already
familiar in the basics of the Tai Chi 1 form who are looking to refine their skills.
Individual attention during practice periods will facilitate all skill levels.


The purpose of this course is to improve one's physical health and emotional health.

Tai Chi Qigong 1 is a rooted movement form designed to stabilize one's emotions while strengthening the physical body.
Qigong Meditation Basics 1 is a set of meditations designed to release inner tension, increase self-acceptance, open the heart, detox negative emotions, balance one's inner energy, and rejuvenate the body.

Together they form a powerful toolkit for overall well-being.

ABOUT TAI CHI 1 ["Alignment Form"]

Tai Chi 1 is a slow-moving, meditative, relaxed, short form. By doing the Tai Chi 1 form, you will be able to calm your mind, reduce your stress, increase your energy levels, and improve your overall health. Tai Chi 1 is a very grounded exercise. We will focus on deepening our connection to the ground, learning to sense how we distribute our weight between our feet, and feeling the stability that we generate.

This serves to increase safety in our everyday life, as slip-and-fall accidents (especially among the elderly) are a common cause of serious injury. Much of this is caused by improper distribution of weight. So this creates the benefit of having better balance in our everyday lives. By learning to move from one rooted position to another, this stability training will also translate to stability with one’s emotions.

In our fast-paced world, with a lot of things calling to us, and many people projecting negative emotions, it is crucial to be able to maintain stability and not have these outside influences take you off-balance. In short, by deepening our relationship to the ground, we will find more stability in our emotional body as well. Physically, the simple transfer of weight from one rooted position to another will also serve to strengthen our bones, tendons, and ligaments.

As we move from one rooted posture to another, we will do so a relaxed, graceful, and flowing way. In so doing, it becomes a fluid dance that moves qi throughout the body and makes you feel more alive. By activating this qi flow, it can create a profound healing . . .on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. In short, doing this Tai Chi form makes your whole body feel vibrant.

Unlike many other Tai Chi forms, the Tai Chi 1 form spirals both counter-clockwise and clockwise, so it helps to balance both hemispheres of the brain. Yet, at the same time, the Tai Chi 1 form does not take very long to do. It is a short, 13-movement form that one can reasonably do in its entirety in only 7-10 minutes! In our fast-paced lives with little free time, one can easily take a short 10-minute break, do the entire form, and feel rejuvenated immediately.

So one does not need to have a set "practice time" to be able to squeeze the form into your day. Moreover, in this fashion, one can do the form almost anywhere because it does not up much space. Oftentimes, even a hotel room--or a break room--will have the space you need.

People who have background or interest in the spiritual techniques can also explore those aspects within the Tai Chi 1 form itself. One can connect into the 5-element phases, Yin-yang polarity, the directional forces of the Earth, higher level cosmic and universal forces, you name it! Some of these aspects will, in fact, be introduced in the course.

While our focus in this workshop will be on the healing and spiritual aspects of the practices, the Tai Chi 1 form will serve martial artists as well. In particular, Tai Chi Qigong 1 contains many of the basic elements of "regular Tai Chi" (which has martial applications). Some of these will be mentioned to the interested attendee.

The material for the Tai Chi 1 section will be:

While the above material is self-contained and complete as is, it will also lay the foundation for the Tai Chi 2 form ["Discharge Form"], which is taught in separate coursework.

Those who wish to continue to refine their Tai Chi 1 form are encouraged to repeat this course and/or take the higher course "REFINE Tai Chi Qigong 1 + Qigong Meditation Basics 2" , the latter of which is only offered in alternate years (next up in Summer 2021).


We will learn four fundamental meditations for emotional and spiritual well-being:

  1. Inner Smile Meditation:  cultivate self-acceptance and decrease inner conflicts
  2. Lotus Meditation:  balance internal temperature and send love to surroundings
  3. Six Healing Sounds:  detoxify negative emotions and memories
  4. Classical Microcosmic Orbit:  balance inner energy and rejuvenate the body
In addition to the meditations, we will learn some supportive physical qigong:

While the above material is self-contained and complete as is, it will also lay the foundation for additional physical qigong and qigong meditations, which is taught in the follow-up course "Qigong Meditation Basics 2".

In total, I look forward to sharing "Tai Chi Qigong 1 + Qigong Meditation Basics 1" with you.

If anyone has any questions in advance of the class,
Steven may be contacted at his email address:    steven [at] spiritualtao [dot] com.

At the end of this course, students will receive an attendance certificate which will identify hours completed in Master Chia's system, which may be used toward the certification requirements in his system.

Do you want to be an Associate Instructor or an Instructor? If so, click on Certificate Program for more information.
This course is a main core course in the curriculum.

Last Revised 10/26/2019

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