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REFINE Tai Chi Qigong 1 + Qigong Meditation Basics 2

Taught by Steven Sy

PREREQUISITE: Tai Chi Qigong 1 + Qigong Meditation Basics 1
This course is designed for those who enrolled the preceding week OR
those who independently have good skill in the Tai Chi 1 form.
If you wish to enroll without taking the preceding week, please contact me first.

Individual attention during practice periods will facilitate all skill levels.


The purpose of this course is to explore additional techniques for improving one's physical health and emotional health, and to act as a direct continuation to "Tai Chi Qigong 1 + Qigong Meditation Basics 1".

REFINE Tai Chi Qigong 1 is refinement training of the Tai Chi 1 form, a rooted movement form designed to stabilize one's emotions while strengthening the physical body.
Qigong Meditation Basics 2 is a set of meditations designed to promote relaxation, feed the kidneys, generate healing qi, and break up blockages along the microcosmic orbit pathway. Additional supportive qigong for grounding and detox will be included.

ABOUT REFINE TAI CHI 1 ["Alignment Form"]

After learning the basic mechanics of the form in the Tai Chi 1 class during week 1, the next step is form refinement. On a surface level, form refinement is simply about learning how to perform the form better and refining one's technique. However the purpose of this extends beyond simple outward appearance. By improving and refining the form, the ability to become more deeply grounded increases. As one develops better coordination between the legs, waist, and upper body, qi will flow more effectively.

Since each student progresses at his/her own pace, form refinement in this class will be taught one-on-one. The bulk of this portion of the class will not be "group instructional'' but instead will consist of all students working individually on the form, assisted by the instructor as needed.

The goal in Refine Tai Chi 1 will be to progress at one's own pace through the following stages:

One's rate in progressing from one level to the next is highly individualized, depending on one's skill, amount of practice, and one's determination. Consequently, this course is repeatable for those who wish to progress in skill level in the Tai Chi 1 form. The instructor has experience in teaching students of all skill levels and in bringing students to Advanced-High skill level (which is needed to pass a certification test in Tai Chi 1).

See Certification Programs for more details on Tai Chi 1 Instructor certification.

The Tai Chi 1 courses lay the foundation for the Tai Chi 2 form ["Discharge Form"] and the Tai Chi 3 form ["Tendon Form"].


We will learn five new fundamental meditations for emotional and spiritual well-being:

  1. Natural Breathing Qi Ball:  natural relaxation method one can do anywhere
  2. Reverse Breathing Qi Ball:  easy meditative way to feed qi to the kidneys
  3. Counterforce Breathing Qi Ball:  generate programmable healing qi (yuan qi)
  4. Wudang Microcosmic Orbit:  break up blockages along the microcosmic orbit
  5. Reverse Wudang Microcosmic Orbit:  alternate wudang method to sedate the body
In addition to the meditations, we will learn some supportive physical qigong:
Along with the material in this section, we will review the meditations and qigong from Qigong Meditation Basics 1, so that those taking both weeks will get reinforcements to what was learned in Week 1.

The meditations and qigong learned in these two weeks will lay the foundation for future courses in the meditation line (e.g. Qigong Meditation Basics 3, Fusion of the Five Elements 1, etc.) or the physical qigong line (e.g. Stem Cell Qigong, Tao Yin, Iron Shirt Qigong 1-2, etc.).

In total, I look forward to sharing "REFINE Tai Chi Qigong 1 + Qigong Meditation Basics 2" with you.

If anyone has any questions in advance of the class,
Steven may be contacted at his email address:    steven [at] spiritualtao [dot] com.

At the end of this course, students will receive an attendance certificate which will identify hours completed in Master Chia's system, which may be used toward the certification requirements in his system.

Do you want to be an Associate Instructor or an Instructor? If so, click on Certificate Program for more information.
This course is a main core course in the curriculum.

Last Revised 1/16/2019

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