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Q:  In different weeks during August workshops, can I take different instructors?
A:  This is no problem, provided you meet the class pre-requisites. During any given week though, you are restricted to one class . . . no jumping between classes within a given week.


Q:  The workshops are in Michigan. Is it cold there?
A:  It depends on the time of year. For example, the summers are tropical. During the August 5-day workshops, the temperature averages in the mid-80s, with a mix of sun and clouds. While the weather could change (hotter, e.g. 90s, or cooler 70s), it is extremely unlikely to be cold in August.

Q:  What should I pack for clothes?
A:  Loose fitting casual clothing that permits easy movement. If you have a tendency to get cold in air conditioning, you may want a sweater/pullover/etc. just in case. In August, you won't need a jacket outside, because the temperature averages in the mid-80s.

Q:  What is the weather like for the Spring 2019 workshops?
A:  For March 30: The outside temperature averages in the upper 40s/lower 50s. Strong possibility for rain.
For April 27: The outside temperature averages in the lower-60s, mix of sun and clouds.
For May 18: The outside temperature averages in the upper-60s, usually sunny.

Q:  What is the weather like for the Fall 2019 workshops?
A:  For September 21: The outside temperature averages in the low-to-mid 70s, usually sunny.
For October 19: The outside temperature averages in the high 50s/lower-60s, mix of sun and clouds.
For November 23: The outside temperature averages in the mid-40s. Strong possibility for rain.


Q:  Will I need a car?
A:  If you are staying at the Quality Inn, you are at the workshop location already. Moreover, many restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, urgent care, banks etc. are all within walking distance. A car is only necessary if you truly want to explore Lansing/East Lansing or get access to even more restaurants than what is within walking distance. For most people, a car wouldn't be needed.


Q:  How do I eat?
A:  Since everyone has their own dietary needs, this is left up-to-you. For breakfast, if you are staying at the Quality Inn, you can have their free complimentary hot breakfast, or go to any number of breakfast restaurants nearby. For lunch and supper, there are restaurants nearby the site, many within walking distance. You can choose fast food, sandwich shops, Chinese, etc. . . . whatever is your personal preference. There are even late night options. See Local Area Restaurants.

Q:  I only eat salads (or organic or etc.). What can I do?
A:  Leaf Salad Bar is within walking distance, which has salad bar, soups, smoothies. Also, there is an organic grocery store within walking distance (Better Health Store). Better Health Store has a small hot bar and salad bar. You can also go to Better Health Store and buy whatever organic food you wish and bring back to your room. Your hotel room should have a mini-fridge. See Local Area Restaurants and Local Area Miscellaneous.

Q:  Where is Whole Foods?
A:  Quite honestly, 95% of everything you'd want in the way of organic food is at Better Health Store, which is only four blocks walking. If you really wanted Whole Foods in spite of that, we do have one about 15 mins away by car. See Local Area Miscellaneous.

Local Area

Q:  Am I coming to Lansing or East Lansing?
A:  It is basically East Lansing, but the Quality Inn is zoned just outside the boundary so it says Lansing. The Quality Inn is actually east of US-127, which most people think of as East Lansing.

Q:  Am I coming to a big metropolis? An urban jungle?
A:  Not really. While there is definitely that feel near the capital of Lansing, the workshop site is in area that has more of medium-city feel. We are also just a few blocks from a more suburban area.

Q:  I'm interested in trees, lakes, and nature. Do you have that?
A:  We do. We are very close to some parks with lots of trees. A few nearby parks are quite forested (e.g. Abbott Road Park). There are also some lakes within 15 mins driving distance (Park Lake and Lake Lansing).


Q:  How can I come for as little cost as possible?
A:  To save on travel costs:  If within driving distance, traveling by car can save money. For those who are too far away and need to fly, a way to save on flights is rather than flying directly to Lansing (LAN), it can be cheaper to fly to Detroit (DTW) and then shuttle bus via Michigan Flyer to Lansing. See Travel Info for details.   To save on room costs:   If you stay at the Quality Inn and mention SPIRITUAL TAO® group, you can get a discounted room rate of $89/night. See Hotel Accommodations for details. If you are coming as two people, you can obviously stay in the same room, so you only pay room charges once. This works for couples, but can also work for singles if you can find a friend to come with you and split the room with you. You can get a king bed room or a room with two double beds. In this way, we end up being much cheaper than most workshop places who charge a lot for the housing.  To save on tuition:   Sign up early and you can get Early Bird or even Super Early Bird pricing. There are also rebates for taking multiple courses and reviewer discounts. See Tuition for timing and details on all possibilities.

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