ST207: Healing Love 7 ONLINE

  • Sat-Sun Nov 9-10 + Sat-Sun Nov 16-17

Taught by Steven Sy, ONLINE using Zoom Platform

4 days:  Sat-Sun Nov 9-10, 2024 and Sat-Sun Nov 16-17, 2024
Each day runs from 9:30am - 12:00pm and 1:30pm - 5:30pm [extended hours]  (EASTERN STANDARD TIME -- [UTC-5 ] )

PREREQUISITE: ST206: Healing Love 6 

NOTE:  This course is NOT open to those who have not already had the Basics 1-5 sequence, Iron Shirt 1, and Healing Love 1-6.
Students will only be allowed to enroll if they have completed the ST101-105 and ST201-206 sequence


Our goal is renew and refresh the material from Healing Love 6, along with continuing our skills with Iron Shirt 2.  We continue exploring hot sexual energy methods in the context of dual cultivation and all energetic facets of the sexual experience.  The primary benefit here are the organs and the bone marrow.

The theme of this class is:    Dual Cultivation, Sexual Energetic, and Spiritual Methods of Sexual Energy

Along with reviewing our continued development of Iron Shirt 2 methods, we review hot sexual energy techniques for individuals and the preliminary work in dual cultivation started in Healing Love 6.  From there, we go deeply into dual cultivation techniques and the multi-orgasmic process for both men and women.  The process is always guided by the important use of sexual energy to heal the physical and emotional bodies of the participants.  We address advanced aspects of the sexual experience.   From there, we go to a higher-level and explore sexual energetic / color healing methods, soul sex, and spiritual sex.  This last piece opens up the door to questions of a spiritual nature, which we begin in earnest in the subsequent level 3 . . . the Fusion material.



This course will contain a mixture of qigong, qigong meditation, and educational training.  

This course is the continuation to the Healing Love training from the previous ST206 course.

Because some may have questions about what this course entails, let me be clear on the following important points:

  • The focus is on qigong and educational information for the improvement of physical health.
  • Some educational information in the course, by its nature, will need to include anatomical drawings or tasteful photos, relating to sexual health.
  • Students will learn all material safely with their clothes on.   No disrobing of participants or sexual activity will take place in the classroom.
  • One does NOT need any kind of "sexual partner" to benefit from this course.  The primary focus is on your own personal healing. 
  • Any discussion of topics relating to sexual health will be dealt with in a mature fashion, both in presentation and questions/answers.
  • Students can be assured that they can ask any question relating to sexual energy or human sexuality without judgment, and given serious reply.
  • Course is suitable for people of all genders and all sexual orientations.

Course Goals:

  • Improve one's health involving the pelvic floor
  • Use sexual energy to heal and revitalize the body
  • Learn to preserve, conserve, and enhance sexual energy
  • Learn sexual energy methods:  physical, soul, spiritual



A large part of the theoretical material of Healing Love 6-7 relates to the "Advanced Healing Love Practices", that can be referred to as the health and healing methods of the "art of the bedchamber"--that is, using the cultivation of sexual energy through sexual activity to heal oneself or one's loving partner. 

These topics for obvious reasons are not demonstrated in the classroom.  The material is discussed in a theoretical way, for those who wish to practice outside of the classroom with a partner.   The material is "educational" in nature, with a large part of the practice portion of the class devoted not to bedchamber arts, but to the qigong practices already developed in previous coursework for additional reinforcement (such as Iron Shirt 2, Tao Yin, How to Make Healing Water, as well as more fundamental Healing Love practices).  

Just as the earlier Healing Love courses were devoted to the practical part of how to heal as an individual, the same holds in these advanced classes, and it is not necessary to have any kind of partner for these classes.   

Main goals for this advanced material is allow people to continue to have their healthy sexual lives, but to do it in a way where the enormous energy that is used through sexual activity is not wasted, but instead this energy is used to both deepen bonds and amplify the health of all involved. 

25% of the body's energy is devoted to the sexual organs, regardless of one's personal desire for sexual activity.  It is important to have a full picture of all possible ways to preserve this energy for health and healing, as well as to understand how the loving energy of the heart can interact with this sexual energy to create a very healing energy for the body (of oneself or of a partner).



Review of Healing Love 6 new material
Clitoral Orgasms [women]
Vaginal Orgasms [women]
Sexual Intercourse Techniques
Reflexology Zones
Female G-spot [women]
G-spot Orgasms [women]
Cervical Orgasms [women]
Oral Sex
Anal Sex
Male G-spot
LGBT issues
Sexual Energetic / Color Healing Methods
Soul Sex
Spiritual Sex
Free Open Discussion and Q/A of any unresolved questions relating to sexual health in general

What are the next steps after the Healing Love 7 material?


Along with the material in this section, we will review some of the meditations and qigong from Healing Love 6

In total, I look forward to sharing "Healing Love 7" with you.

If anyone has any questions in advance of the class,
Steven may be contacted at his email address:    steven [at] spiritualtao [dot] com.


NEXT COURSE IN SEQUENCE IS  ST310: Intro Fusion 1 + Cosmic Vision + Tantien Qigong


At the end of this course, students will receive an attendance certificate which will identify hours completed in the MANTAK CHIA® system, which may be used toward the certification requirements in his system.

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This course is a main core course in the curriculum.


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