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Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Healing Therapy 2: Winds

Taught by Mary Ellen Derwis

PREREQUISITE: Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Healing Therapy 1: Organs
This course is designed for those who enrolled the preceding week OR
those who have taken Chi Nei Tsang 1 at another time elsewhere.

Skills learned can be used for healing on oneself or for use in becoming a
CNT2 Practitioner who uses CNT2 as a clinical healing technique. Those interested in becoming
CNT2 Practitioners must complete a certification program, of which this course is one part.

See Certificate Program for more details on becoming a CNT2 Practitioner.


Over 2500 years ago, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine cautioned:
"The east wind arises in spring; its sickness is located in the liver and there are disturbances in the throat and neck.
The south wind arises in summer; its sickness is located in the heart and there are disturbances in the chest and ribs.
The west wind arises in fall; its sickness is located in the lungs and disturbances arise at the shoulders and the back.
The north wind arises in winter; its sickness is located in the kidneys and disturbances arise in the loins and thighs.
The center wind is from the earth; its sickness is located in the spleen and disturbances arise in the spine."

We’ll integrate new awareness of the 12 winds with Taoist five element theory and ancient techniques for balancing the flow of energies through the body. This powerful hands-on healing technique utilizes the five major systems of the body: vascular, lymphatic, nervous, muscular, and chi (Qi). These systems are connected to the abdominal center, where unreleased stress and tension may cause obstructions. Through simple manipulations of the abdominal area, we can release physical, emotional, and mental resistance that can cause illness.

Once level 1 is completed, the natural progression of the work spurs one on. Then "chasing the winds" becomes even more important.
Level one prepares the ground; Level two is where the real magic and growth occurs.

Stagnant chi presents in predictable patterns of dysfunction. In Level 2 we address the patterns with specific protocols that encourage the body to release chi and fascial tensions in the musculo-skeletal and organ systems.

Here is a small clip of Chi Nei Tsang 2 course instruction:

At the end of this course, students will receive an attendance certificate which will identify hours completed in Master Chia's system, which may be used toward the certification requirements in his system.

Do you want to be a Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner? If so, click on Certificate Program for more information.
This course is a main core course in the curriculum.

Last Revised 10/26/2019

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