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Big Dipper Qigong + Stem Cell Qigong

Taught by Steven Sy

No previous qigong background or background in qigong meditation required.
This course is suitable for both complete beginners, as well as advanced practitioners
already familiar with other coursework in the qigong or qigong meditation lines.
No Iron Shirt 1, Qigong Meditation Basics, or Tai Chi is assumed in this course.


The purpose of this course is to explore techniques for improving one's physical health and emotional health.
The tools used for this in this class will be the Big Dipper Qigong form and the Stem Cell Qigong healing protocol.

Big Dipper Qigong is a short brisk qigong form done at sunset to extend one's life.
Stem Cell Qigong is a qigong designed to detoxify the organs and replace sick cells with healthy cells.


Big Dipper Qigong is a fun, 10-minute qigong form that is done at sunset.

Big Dipper Qigong is one of just a few qigong forms that is done fast. [c.f: Tai Chi 2 as another]
By virtue of the brisk pace of Big Dipper Qigong, it is one of the few qigong forms that really activates the cardiovascular system. Consequently, it improves one's blood circulation and strengthens one's blood vessels. Moreover, blood is the carrier for qi, so by improving blood circulation, the ability to transport qi throughout the body is increased. Thus this form is a great way to energize the body.

Big Dipper Qigong is a sunset qigong.
The form captures the extra yuan qi (programmable healing qi) that is available at sunset.
The internal feng shui of the form enables the capturing of this yuan qi when facing the direction of the season during sunset.
In so doing, this form is a longevity form. Daily practice of this form at sunset is purported to greatly extend your life.

In a shamanic spiritual sense, doing Big Dipper Qigong at sunset is also a way to welcome in the Big Dipper (which appears at nighttime). The footwork of the form traces the stars of the Big Dipper on the ground as we do the practice. The form proceeds clockwise, mirroring the evolution of time, to bring in the power of manifestation. Consequently, in a spiritual sense, the Big Dipper Qigong form works to manifest positive change in your life. It does so by connecting the cosmic energy of the seven stars of the Big Dipper down through your body and then empowers them by the power of the sunset.

In total, Big Dipper Qigong is a powerful qigong form, attributed historically to the "Path of Female Immortals" lineage.

Note:  Some who teach this form, teach a modified version of the original form.
To best access the power of this lineage, I teach the unmodified version.


Stem Cell Qigong is a qigong for detoxifying the organs.

The organs often acquire many toxins, toxic qi, and sick cells over time. To restore vitality it is useful to detoxify and rejuvenate the cells of the organs. The purpose of Stem Cell Qigong is to flush out the toxins of the organs, to kill any sick cells that are there, and to send activated stem cells to the area to build new fresh healthy cells.

The main tool in Stem Cell Qigong is the Bamboo Hitter. This is an item that looks like a whisk, where the strands are made out of bamboo. The practitioner, with a certain methodology, uses this to tap the body--typically the abdominal region over an organ--in a certain prescribed manner. The function of this is to kill the sick cells that are present.

Cells when they are sick are often not easily identified by the body--and so they persist, creating a pattern of illness in the body. However, when these sick cells are killed, the body is able to identify this, and then they can be replaced with fresh new healthy cells. Strong healthy cells will be unaffected by the tapping, but sick cells will not be able to survive.

Stem cells are cells that can replace any cell in the body. Thus, when the sick cells die, stem cells will go in and build new fresh healthy cells. Thus another major component of Stem Cell Qigong is the activation of the stem cells with healthy programming, so that they will go in and repair. After doing this, we go organ by organ with a combination of tapping using the Bamboo Hitter, releasing sick qi with healing sounds, and general detoxification. In doing so, we flush out the toxins, kill the sick cells, and have activated stem cells waiting to go into the area to repair and rejuvenate the organs on a cellular level.

While there are many different components to Stem Cell Qigong, the whole routine can be done in a twenty minute period. It's a great routine to do if one is feeling unwell, is suffering from a chronic disease, or if one simply wants to do periodic routine maintenance to support overall health.

Note:  It is not necessary that you own a Bamboo Hitter or buy one for the workshop. They will be supplied during the workshop. After the workshop is over, you can (at home) perform the Stem Cell Qigong tapping with your hands (if you don't wish to get your own Bamboo Hitter).

Both qigong sets learned in this workshop will lay the foundation for additional courses in qigong and qigong meditation.

For those that are brand-new to qigong, this course provides an excellent starting point to diving into core courses such as "Qigong Meditation Basics 1" or "Tai Chi Qigong 1 + Qigong Meditation Basics 1". For the more experienced students taking this course, Stem Cell Qigong provides a vital supplement to the Iron Shirt Qigong 1, and it also prepares one to learn Dantian Qigong (Stem Cell Qigong 2).

Moreover, regardless of your prior qigong background, Big Dipper Qigong provides a wonderful sunset qigong form for health and vitality. It is one of a very few that I myself practice every day without fail.

In total, I look forward to sharing "Big Dipper Qigong + Stem Cell Qigong" with you.

If anyone has any questions in advance of the class,
Steven may be contacted at his email address:    steven [at] spiritualtao [dot] com.

At the end of this course, students will receive an attendance certificate which will identify hours completed in Master Chia's system, which may be used toward the certification requirements in his system.

Do you want to be an Associate Instructor or an Instructor? If so, click on Certificate Program for more information.

Last Revised 10/9/2018